An experienced specialised real estate advisor with unique combination of financial, real estate experience & entrepreneurship.



Our property management desk is dedicated to adding value to our clients assets, reducing operational risk and maximising value for money in the delivery of high quality landlord services to occupational tenants.



Our valuation desk is comprised of qualified and experienced valuers in all asset types, and can perform bulk valuations for asset portfolios with a variety of asset profiles, including industrial, offices, retail, healthcare, hotels & leisure.

An experienced specialised real estate advisor with unique combination of financial, strategic real estate experience & entrepreneurship.
Our team consists of the most experienced real estate advisors (by region and sector) bringing a unique combination of technical real estate and sector specific expertise.
Development Advisory

When Delfi Real Estate manages your real estate assets, you save time and money, while minimising financial costs and risks [...]

Facilities Management

Delfi Real Estate covers a wide range of services that are directly relate to the proper functioning of companies and their assets [...]

Investment Advisory

Our Real Estate Investment Advisory practice encompasses real estate deal origination, acquisition and sale negotiation offering turnkey solution to end investors and landlords [...]

Lease Advisory

Let our Lease Advisory desk manage your commercial and/or residential leases enabling you to take better-informed strategic decisions [...]


In a business world, it is extremely important to have access to the right professional planning advice. Our market leading [...]

Property Management

Property management demands knowledge of the local property market and of the needs and requirements of Clients, Tenants and Visitors and expertise of the building's technology, laws and structure [...]

Real Estate Analytics

In order to extract real value from data, businesses are in need of a solution that can help them extract, align and filter important data [...]

Real Estate Research

Our real estate research desk is comprised of seasoned real estate analysts who are constantly monitoring the local real estate market [...]


Our expert real estate valuation desk provides informed, market-facing, independent advice on all property types [...]

Cadastral & Topographic

Delfi Real Estate covers a wide range of services that are directly related to the proper functioning of companies [...]


The Delfi Real Estate Transaction management platform provides retail and institutional investors [...]

Specialized commercial real estate services. A curated selection of the finest properties.

Delfi Properties has been set up by Delfi Real Estate with a specific mandate to become the largest real estate sales platform in the region. Delfi Real Estate (Delfi RE) is a specialised commercial real estate services provider with offices in Greece (Athens), Cyprus (Nicosia) and the UK (London).

Whether you need to sell, value, lease, finance, and/or manage property in your market, Delfi RE is your local point of entry into a world of cohesive, creative solutions in all real estate sectors. In response to changing client expectations, we assemble experts who deliver services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge.
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Delfi RE has expanded its offices in the United Kingdom and Italy to provide its specialised expertise and vast network of associates.

Delfi Properties holds a wide range of properties available for sale and for rent across the UK, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus in most asset classes. Our dedicated transaction professionals are available to provide additional information on all available properties and are ready to support you throughout the process from your first inquiry through to sale completion.
Who We Are
Delfi RE offers a broad range of commercial RE services, including property/ facility, transaction and project management; real estate investment advisory; valuation; property leasing; strategic advisory; planning advisory; mortgage and development services.No one professional, no one deal, no one client, is bigger than our commitment to our company and what we stand for[...]
Lead by example. Think practically but differently. Add Value.
Our mission is to succeed through our Clients success, enabling them to make considerable improvements to their asset performance.
We approach our Clients’ challenges with enthusiasm and diligence, building long-term relationships by connecting the right people, capital and opportunities.
We work as a team with our colleagues and our Clients, sharing a common goal. We focus on creating winning outcomes for our Clients, Employees and stakeholders.
Our discipline and our passion is to deliver true results, aligning our success with our Clients success.